Rose Henderson

The island cured me. I shall stay here.

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My name is Rose Henderson; I was born on November 21st in the Bronx, New York.

I met my husband while my car became stuck in a snow bank one night. My husband proposed to me after 5 months of dating in Niagara Falls, NY. The proposal was one of the most romantic events of my life. However, I was, at the time, dying of cancer. Bernard didn’t care. He loved me and married me, nonetheless.

Bernard couldn’t accept that I was dying and took me to Uluru, Australia to a faith healer, in the hopes that my cancer will be healed.

In Uluru, Isaac, the faith healer, informed me that he was unable to heal me. He told me that Uluru was not the right place for my form of cancer. He offered to return Bernard’s $10,000.00 donation. I told him to keep it. I did not want to crush Bernard’s hope. It was so hard for him to accept that I was dying. Something I accepted long time ago. With Bernard thinking that I was healed. I was hoping to be able to enjoy the little time we had together. Little did I know that my plane would crash on a deserted island and that Bernard and I would survive it, but we would be separated for 48 days. The good news is that this island cured my cancer, and I’ll do anything to remain here.

Disclaimer: Rose Henderson is a character from LOST. She is played by L. Scott Caldwell

LOST was created by J. J. Abrams and is a sole property of ABC.

Rose appears here solely for the purpose of role playing and having fun. No profit is made off of her name, except for extending the enjoyment I feel for this great show.